About Us

CISEFA provides a fail-proof Training Management Software (TMS), enabling electronic based handling, processing, hosting of crew training forms and data (especially crew performance grading data), monitoring document expiry, compatible with applicable aviation regulations (including soft-law regulations) and compliant with the requirements of CBT / AQP / ATQP / EBT.

Our solution

Our sophisticated solution manages traditional training, any type of forms (Q/A, safety, fatigue reports) and this for any staff categories.

Artificial intelligence and Statistical reports provide a smart monitoring of crew performance making our product unique.

CISEFA empowers your entire enterprise to create the future in the Training industry.

Win-Win Attitude

  • We are honored to partner with Airlines, Business aviation, Cargo, Acmi, Ato.
  • We welcome audit from our customers, not only to satisfy regulation requirements, this strengthens our relationship with our users.

  • We follow ISO 9001:2015 guidelines and use Agile methodology for our developments enabling robust solutions installed on site or hosted.

  • We invest in research and development (R&D) to create new and innovative products and add features to current products.

  • Our team is made up of professionals who are always looking to set the highest standards in user experience.

  • We have the utmost respect for our customers and the training industry ecosystem.

  • Most of all, we love return of experience that we transcend into our solutions; our user community benefits from it.

  • This gives us a vision of what should be the extra mile to bring not only what the customer wants but what the industry will need next.

  • Our user community benefits constantly from this set of mind we have at CISEFA, a win-win attitude.

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