CISESA TMS uses a sophisticated rule based engine for monitoring records and qualifications of your employees (Flight Crew, Cabin Crew, Dispatchers, Engineers etc. As a result, it easily adapts to any regulations set in your country. CISEFA TMS is your solution for electronic grading, performance monitoring, records compliance and tracking of crew qualifications.

Business Aviation

Business Aviation Operators may operate under other sets of training/check rules CISEFA TMS manages those complex differences of legality offering a strong and robust system to rely on.

CISEFA TMS monitors and maintains records-qualification of your crew flying under:


  • FAR Part 91
  • As well as regular commercial rules

Checks are made when pilots return to fly commercially to prevent being assigned disqualified in addition the other traditional legality checks (early-late grace months, Instructor authorization…)

Having Business Aviation customers, at CISEFA, we know their everyday challenges, particularly when flying:

  • An extensive multitype fleet of Aircrafts

  • Aircraft registered in many countries

  • Pilots with different Civil Aviation Licenses

  • Tracking of Validation of License from different CAA authority

  • NCC (Part 91) and Commercial Operations

We are working with them to leverage their automation. We are looking forward knowing your needs to improve your operations.

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MRO & Engineering

CISEFA TMS simplifies the complex monitoring of Aviation Technicians/Engineers records and Qualifications


  • Plan Engineers Training
  • Use eForm to grade, collect data

  • Record and monitor expiry dates.

  • Track Licenses and authorizations

  • Use reports to analyse training and forecast your needs

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Approved Training Organizations (ATO)

CISEFA ATO empowers your Approved Training Organization providing you a robust, sophisticated and easy to use solution.

From registration to completion of course


  • Access their schedule
  • Signs e-Forms of completed events.
  • Electronic progress booklet accessible anytime.
  • Check their performances


  • Set online request ( work availability )
  • Access own schedule grade e-Forms.
  • Review trainee performance update their records to enable tracking on authorization to deliver training.


  • Track trainee progress and performance as well as inter rater reliability of the instructor and program quality.
  • Track resources utilization (classroom, simulator and instructors)
  • Sign specific e-Forms


  • Build schedule automatically
  • Schedule uses drag and drop to ease quick adjustment of the schedule
  • Get warning on unauthorized instructors
  • Get warning on double booking of resources
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CISESA TMS uses a sophisticated rule based engine for monitoring training and resources under a strict regulation. As a result, it easily adapts to any training corporate policy set for all your employees.

CISEFA TMS thru its administrator interface easily manages your company training policy. You are in control.

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