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CISEFA provides a fail-proof Training Management Software (TMS), enabling electronic based handling, processing, hosting of crew training forms and data (especially crew performance grading data), monitoring document expiry, crew qualification and recency, compatible with applicable aviation regulations (including soft-law regulations) and compliant with the requirements of CBT / AQP / EBT.

Welcome to the age of digital innovation!

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Core Features

Electronic Grading and Performance Monitoring (Traditional, CBT, AQP, EBT)

Record & Qualification Recency Management

Training Scheduling

Optimize Your Training with Cisefa

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CISESA Training Management Software uses a sophisticated rule based engine for monitoring records, qualification and recency of experience. Data is collected online/offline. As a result, it easily adapts to any regulations set in your country and track performance of your employees.

Business Aviation

Business Aviation Operators may operate under other sets of training/check rules CISEFA TMS manages those complex differences of legality offering a strong and robust system to rely on.

MRO & Engineering

CISEFA TMS simplifies the complex monitoring of Aviation Technicians/Engineers Records and Qualifications.

Approved Training Organizations (ATO)

CISEFA ATO solution empowers your Approved Training Organisations providing you a robust, sophisticated and easy to use solution.


CISEFA TMS keeps track and monitor all your corporate employees’ documents and courses

The Win-Win Attitude

How does your company manage complex training requirements efficiently?

  • CISEFA improves the quality of your training program and processes.
  • Our mission is to empower your company with a unique, modern and robust training management software.

  • We have the utmost respect for our customers and the training industry.

  • Our user community benefits constantly from this set of minds we have at CISEFA a win-win attitude.

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